big news, ya’ll

I’ve MOVED!!

Check out my new blogging location, designed by my good friend, the fabulous DCRmom at DCR Designs!!!

Be sure to update your bloglines, etc since I won’t be posting here at funcrazylife anymore!

note to self

Do not leave children unsupervised around guacamole.

important somethings you needs to know

Here’s one of the reasons I’ve been MIA all week. There will be an official launch soon, but enjoy the preview!

Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry has a GREAT POST about how important it is to COMMENT on BLOGS. This means you! Seriously – I get like 400 hits a day and like 10 comments. You know who you are, Lurkers. I know who lots of you are. And you know that I know who you are. So start commenting, dang it.

If you are trying to lose weight – or even maintain your current weight – do not, under ANY circumstances whatsoever, visit this amazing blog I just discovered. Otherwise, go nuts and don’t drool all over your keyboard, since that may cause some technical problems.

And a big shout out and thanks to George W. for the $1800 tax rebate that arrived in our bank account this morning. Woo-HOO!!

gee, i wonder why my back has been hurting

Perhaps it is this GIGANTIC baby hanging around my neck?
Except for eating, this is his very favorite thing to do.

excuses galore

This is why dinner can be a stressful time in our house:

Grace: I can’t eat this. Its too big. Can you cut it into small pieces?
Me: Grace, its RICE.

Grace: I only like this flavor on Saturdays. But on… onnn….. What is it?
Me: Thursday.
Grace: Yes. On THURSDAYS I do not like this.

ipod controversy

Grace has a new favorite song:

Its on my favorite peppy-song playlist and she’s picked up that catchy tune.  Husband is a bit conflicted about what the girls are listening to.  I don’t think its a big deal. They also sing along with everything from the Beatles to U2 to Coldplay to Ariel to Sheryl Crow to Elmo. (I do always buy the “clean” version on i-tunes so that they don’t hear any REALLY objectionable words.)
Its not like they’re singing gangsta rap with Snoop Dogg about sippin on gin and juice. (“with my mind on my money and my money on my mind…”)  

I don’t know. Is this a big deal? Should I be more concerned about this than I am?

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